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Coffee Wood

Limited Edition Coffee Wood Mug

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These 100% hand-carved Coffeewood mugs may be the most unique coffee mug you've ever seen!  Each mug is unique, making them perfect gifts for your coffee-loving friends or customers.  Wooden coffee mugs may not be a new invention, but these Coffeewood mugs (made from coffee trees) are absolutely one of a kind and unique to Betos Coffee Company. You won't find these any where else!

The sustainable harvest of older coffee trees is a natural part of coffee farming which involves replacing older less productive trees with new growth.  These unique coffee tree trunks are hand-crafted into all of the unique products found here at 

*Mugs are treated with a natural Mineral Oil on the inside to resist drying/cracking and an FDA-approved, food-safe Salad Bowl Finish product is applied to the outside surfaces of the mug to create a longer lasting finish.  Microwaving or dishwasher-use may shorten the lifespan of the finishes and/or lead to cracking.