Our Mission

We are not your ordinary company.

Beto’s Coffee Company has a business-as-mission core. Our core can be broken down into four simple statements that summarize who we are, what we believe, what we measure, and where we work.

Who We Are- Profitable and sustainable business

What we believe- Intentional about Kingdom of God purpose and impact on people and nations 

What we measure- Focused on holistic transformation and the multiple bottom lines of economic, social, environmental, and spiritual outcomes

Where we work- Concerned about the world’s poorest and least evangelized peoples.

Beto’s Coffee Company started as a response from the community of Masatepe, Nicaragua, expressing their desire to have a local coffee shop, to promote the culture of coffee within a community that has been producing coffee for decades, but seldomly enjoys the fruits of it’s own harvest.  We, as a company, engage in a process known as Integrated Community Transformation. Given the high level of economic oppression here in Nicaragua, we chose business as a starting point.  Not only are we able to provide jobs, products and services, but we are able to work within the community in which we desire to see transformation take place, giving us firsthand experience and a better understanding of the real limitations and oppression that exist here.  Coffee is also a very relational product, one that naturally brings people together for meetings and simply spending time together.  Running a coffee shop in a town of 45,000 people has allowed us to build tremendous amounts of relationships and engage with the business community at the same time.  After serving over 10,000 coffees in our first year of existence, we decided it was a viable business and decide to dig in a little deeper and expand our impact.  

Bringing people together is a process that starts with recognizing the value of each person, which for us means seeing every person as having been created by God, and each community as one consisting of people loved by God.  Our work in Masatepe has connected us to many, many wonderful people and organizations who work daily to serve their own community in the way they were called to serve.  If you feel called to serve here as well, we would love to connect you to one of these amazing people to see how God can use you to bless Masatepe and how God can use Masatepe to bless you.  

As a coffee company, we will continue to strive to bring people together in our own rite.  Whether it’s a pound of our high-elevation Arabica beans, a hand-crafted burlap product, a piece of artwork or a visit to our local Bistro, your experience with Beto’s Coffee Co. will bring you into that process and our hope is that lives and communities are transformed because of it.

To stay up to date or get involved with what is going on in the community of Masatepe, click the button below. It will take you to the website of Beto's Coffee Company owners, Hannah and Brandon Weidman.