Chicken Bags


Don Beto taught the men in our recovery home how to turn these adorable chicken feed sacks into cute and versatile tote bags. We are selling these bags as a fundraiser to cover the operational cost of our addiction rehabilitation program, Luke's Inn.

We are looking for 10 friends of Masatepe to donate $200 and receive 10 chicken tote bags. These 10 bags can then be sold at events, giving as gifts and used to share the heart and story of our Nicaraguan ministry.

       Luke's Inn was opened in April of 2020 in response to the local Christian leaders identifying the unmet need of offering hope to the men in our community who struggle with the oppression that is addiction. Since it has opened its doors, three men have graduated from the 9-month, substance-free program. Luke's Inn has 8 current residents who hope to regain their freedom from addiction through Christ. 

      Our average per resident per month cost is about $200, making our monthly budget at this capacity $1,600. Thanks to reoccurring monthly donors, Luke's Inn is partially support raised, although we have dreams to add some sustainable income soon through projects we are launching including a garden, a chicken coop, pigs, and eventually a bread-baking business.

We are currently raising $2,000 to cover our remaining costs.